Precision Engineered Air Control Equipment

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Haslingden, UK

Our finished product can be seen everywhere – especially in offices and fast-food restaurants – just look up next time you are eating your meal.

KONVEKTA KP-type perforated face diffusers are designed to provide even distribution of air in a 1,2,3 or 4-way pattern by simple adjustment hidden behind the hinged perforated face.

Both supply and extract versions have the same external appearance and blend neatly into 600mm x 600mm grid suspended ceilings.

We’re continually building our stock of frames (above) for coating in either standard Gloss White or any BS colour, before being matched up with their panels and internal components.

Designed and manufactured at our facility in Haslingden, Lancashire, they are yet another example of KONVEKTA’s commitment to offer air-control solutions fit for the ‘Real World’.

Konvekta KP diffusers as used in McDonald's

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