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This was not an off-the-shelf, quick fix.
This was 18 months of dedicated collaboration.

Working closely with our customer, ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd. , we arrived at the final ordering specification for Phase 1 of the Ras Markaz global hub project in the Sultanate of Oman which, when fully-built, will provide a world-leading 200-million-barrel storage capacity.

Our relationship with ERG spans nearly 20 years, so when their engineers needed bespoke solutions for such a key infrastructure project, they knew who to call.

The specification and manufacturing procedures for our contribution to the bio-filter package were particularly stringent. Our heavy-duty, 316L Stainless Steel, 350mm dia. KHDC-01.1 dampers and 350mm dia. KHDR non-return dampers were the obvious choice.

Here’s a few of the value-add steps we performed to ensure that our customer had every confidence we could match the highest standards prescribed by the Client:

> Positive Material Identification certification was required for all materials. Components were PMI tested by an independent company to verify material compositions

> Weld testing was performed in-house using the dye test method and overseen by Chris Greenwood, our qualified expert in this area

> We liaised with a specialist paint sub-contractor to ensure the exacting brief for the coating was met. Again, full documentation needed to be approved and certified

> Performance leak testing was not only performed in-house on our test rig but was witnessed via a live MS Teams video link by ERG Senior Process and Proposals Engineer, Ruba Abd Al Ghani

So, don’t think ‘High Street’, think Savile Row.




Oil Tanks at Ras Markaz Oil Storage Facility in Oman

Image courtesy of Storage Terminals Magazine. All rights acknowledged

Lukasz Dziadzio looks over our Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel dampers destined for the Markaz Oil Storage Facility in Oman

Konvekta’s Lukasz Dziadzio looks over our Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel dampers destined for Ras Markaz Oil Storage Facility in Oman